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Neil Cresswell has over 33 years experience as a professional software developer, architecting solutions and writing code for large corporations such as Microsoft, (Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group in Redmond,) Demand Media, Oracle Corporation, Bank of America and Barclays Bank as well leading development teams while remaining a hands-on web developer for numerous start-ups and dot-coms such as eVenues.com, Trails.com, GolfLink.com, Travels.com, Reel.com, GardenGuides.com, RunThePlanet.com, Run.com and Achieva.com (now KapTest.com.) He currently works in the Seattle area and resides on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry commute from downtown Seattle.

Equally capable of working on business requirements, human resource and project management, defining and improving SDLC practices, systems and database architecture, UI and UX design, SEO, front-end development (for both web sites and Windows applications,) modern OOP software patterns, n-tier application servers and DLL APIs, back end batch processes, databases and feed development, formalized testing, metrics tracking, optimization for performance and scalability, security hardening at both the application level (XSS and SQL injection) and the operating system level for PCI compliance, deployment, version management, production support and server farm and data center management and migrations, Neil is capable of providing a very rare combination of in-depth experience at every level, covering all aspects of a site or application's development and deployment.

If I had to summarize my strengths, two things in particular come to mind:

A wide range of in-depth skills covering all of the roles needed to successfully take an idea from inception to release.

An emphasis on quality at every step. I firmly believe putting in a little extra time getting the design of a framework right or unit testing and debugging thoroughly up-front saves a lot of time in the long run, even on rapid prototyping projects, in fact more so on these projects since the code goes through so many design iterations. Clean, readable, commented code and good programming practices are always a must.

Neil Cresswell.

Web technologies used include .Net (since 2001) and ASP (since 1997) on the Microsoft stack with MS SQL Server and IIS, as well as heavy PHP, MySQL and Apache LAMP stack experience. Front end work includes hand-crafting full JavaScript applications, as well as AJAX scripting for web pages using jQuery and standards-compliant CSS and XHTML.

Neil has developed database solutions since 1984, including 22 years of RDBMS development going against various Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle and Informix database systems. He has 23 years experience developing Windows DLLs, executables and applications with Visual Basic v3 to v6 and .Net, (include C# & VB.Net.)

Project Management

Managing development teams since 2000 in various roles ranging from project manager and lead developer to Chief Engineer, Neil was Director of Engineering at Demand Media (recently IPOed) from 2005 through 2009, with the responsibility for running multiple development teams working on diverse projects with large-scale production web farms, rapidly developing a slew of highly profitable web sites that were ranked #1 in their various markets, (based on independent traffic analyses,) while staying hands-on mentoring developers, and with architectural design and coding.

More recently, from 2009 to 2012, Neil Cresswell has assisted several businesses in their pre-investment phases, helping eVenues.com in 2009 and 2010 with coding but primarily assisting in managing their off-shore, outsourced development teams using a mix of agile and waterfall project management techniques and advising their executive team. Additional duties involved, as with other projects, setting up better quality processes and practices, and risk mitigation. For devWorthy, in 2011 and 2012, Neil took on the CTO role and, as well as being heavily involved in the design, development and direction of devWorthy's prototype solution, providing the vast majority of the design and all of the coding, assisting with market research, putting together the various slide decks needed, along with a large portion of the other documentation and planning and presentations necessary for prospective investors.

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