Neil Cresswell’s Client List

Some Highlights:

YES! Magazine

Sole responsibility for the design, and development of the magazine's new online store, including graphic design, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript with jQuery, AJAX work, PHP and MySQL.


Neil assisted eVenues, a dot-com start-up, in a CTO type of role, project managing two offshore development teams, introducing versioning, QA, tracking and deployment processes, and providing architectural designs, and production systems support, as well as assisting with C# code and database work as needed.

Demand Media †

As Director of Engineering, Neil managed multiple development teams and support & data center staff, creating a complete SDLC infrastructure, while staying hands on with architecture, design and code for numerous web sites, including:


Neil undertook a one year consulting agreement to work with Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group's Web Systems division in Redmond on the Xbox 360 project.


As both lead engineer and project manager, designed and developed a distributed sales-force tracking system, recruiting and leading a team of developers in the project.

(2000 to 2001)

As Chief Engineer, managed several development teams and an off-shore project, mentoring developers, creating designs and coding as appropriate, helping Achieva rapidly achieve a successful exit strategy.

Demand Media “IPOed” in 2011.

Banking and Credit Card Systems

The world’s largest wealth management corporation and America’s largest financial services network, including approximately 5,900 domestic offices, 285,000 staff and 18,000 ATMs, as well as over 40 international offices serving clients in 190 countries, and an Internet web site that provides online access for more than 57 million customers, more than any other bank.

A UK-based financial services group engaged primarily in banking, investment banking and investment management. In terms of assets employed, Barclays is one of the largest financial services groups in the United Kingdom. The Group also operates in many other countries around the world and is a leading provider of coordinated global services to multinational corporations and financial institutions in the World’s main financial centers. Barclays has been involved in banking for over 300 years and operates in over 60 countries. Group staff numbers world-wide at 31st December 2000 were 75,300, of which 57,000 were in the UK.

Providian ranks as the fifth largest bankcard provider in the United States with more than 14 million customers spread throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentina. With $27 billion in assets under management, Providian offers a broad range of lending, deposit, and membership products and their customers and product lines, like the company itself, are diverse.

Dot-Coms and Start-Ups

eVenues introduced the first public marketplace and directory for unique spaces such as meeting rooms, co-working sites, classroom space and small event facilities in various US cities and made booking online available on an hours or daily basis. Venue providers are given a rich interface to manage space availability, rates, contracts and reservations and site visitors can easily make an online booking or submit a review.

Garden Guides is a popular internet resource due to their collection of top-quality gardening information, gardening how-to’s by top garden writers, plant fact sheets and guide sheets, seasonal tips, garden techniques, garden recipes and more. Some of the databases driving the site include the USDA and NRCS plants databases from the United States Department of Agriculture with additional content contributions from the National Gardening Association.

GolfLink, with over 3 million monthly unique visitors, is a comprehensive score-tracking and game-improvement web site, with a rich variety of resources. The site provides golfers with indispensable information about every aspect of the game. Unique offerings include golf tips and videos from top teaching professionals including Tiger Woods’s coach Hank Haney and descriptions of more than 21,000 golf courses and golf resorts. Once on the site, golfers can enjoy the many state-of-the-art social networking tools, including profiles, blogs, message boards, on-site messaging, user ratings, favorites, friend lists, comments and photo albums. They can record golf rounds and view a personal dashboard to track, analyze and improve their game.

JetstreamServers.com is an Internet Services Provider specializing in high speed hosting, in particular games and voice server hosting over the Internet.

Reel.com was, in 2000, one of the top ten trafficked sites on the Internet, alongside eBay and Yahoo. The site provided film-related information designed to help consumers select and view movies in theaters or purchase videos, DVDs and other merchandise from Reel. Reel.com was named the most popular web site for gathering information about films, according to a survey by Greenfield Online and ASI Entertainment, and was named the "Best Place to Buy Videos" by Yahoo and "The Best Consumer Site" by the Video Software Dealers Association. Reel.com was the recipient of the PC Magazine 1999 VIP award in the video category.

Run The Planet is the largest worldwide running community on the Internet and provides top quality running information, from running routes and races, to running clubs, to tips & techniques, to fun community features such as Phil the Frog, and running Missions. The site is uses a heavily customized Google Maps API so users may plot their own running routes and share and has thousands of worldwide running routes and races combined with expert articles. The site’s online store offers a huge selection of the latest shoes, apparel and gear.

Trails.com, with over 2.5 million monthly unique visitors and over 2 million current members, is a complete online planning resource for self-guided outdoor and adventure travel in North America. The site features an interactive Browse by Map tool that enables users to pinpoint the best trails within a region. The site’s functionality allows members to access detailed, up-to-date trail information and to connect with others to share knowledge and experiences. Trails’ popular My Trails section includes social media tools that make it easy to upload trail photos, create user profiles, and track favorites and activities on a personal dashboard. Visitors have access to trail summaries, photos, reviews, weather data and nearby accommodations. Subscribers have access to trail guides to over 46,000 trails and USGS topographic maps.

Travels.com is an online resource that connects travelers to the most reliable content available - published travel guidebooks. By partnering with top travel guidebook publishers, including Insiders’ Guide, The Globe Pequot Press, Falcon Publishing, Fodor’s, Rough Guides, Hunter Publishing, and Mobil Travel Guide, Travels has aggregated hundreds of books and trip itineraries that describe over 10,000 destinations. These books have all been converted to electronic files, divided into individual chapters, and added to Travels’ searchable and browsable online database.


Achieva.com is an Internet-based college preparation service for middle and high school students. Achieva’s wide range of online courses provide students with the strategies and tools they need to gain acceptance to college, improving both academic performance and standardized test scores.

Havering is the second largest borough in Greater London, with a population of around 230,000 and an area approaching 40 square miles. It provides a wide range of local services including primary (middle) school, secondary (high) school and adult education.

Finance and Investment Management

With a staff of more than 1,000 worldwide, Dresdner RCM has investment management offices and operations in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and other key world financial centers.

IMI Bank is now Sanpaolo IMI, Italy’s #2 bank (behind Intesa BCI), operating some 1,300 offices and 1,700 ATMs in Italy and offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Sanpaolo is the product of the merger of Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, Italy’s largest retail bank, and Istituto Mobiliare Italiano, an investment bank and mutual fund manager.

General Retail and Point of Sale

Dixons is the UK’s leading high street retailer of consumer electronics, selling the largest range of TV, video, audio, personal computer, photographic and communications technology. There are 320 Dixons stores in total (as at 23rd June 2001) including 5 in the Republic of Ireland. 1999/2000 sales totaled £784 million.

Hollywood Video is continuing to expand at the rate of one new store every day. From a single store in Portland, Oregon, Hollywood has become the world’s second largest video chain, with more than 1,818 stores in 48 states. Hollywood joined forces with Reel.com in 1998 and became a major presence on the Internet with Reel.com growing to become one of the top ten most popular web sites in 1999 and 2000.

Jamba Juice, a smoothie vendor (mixed fruit juice drinks) has high-street stores and franchises in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin & Wyoming.

Shaklee’s product lines include nutritional and herbal supplements, personal care products, home water treatment systems and household cleaners. Independent businesspersons sell the products directly through a world-wide multilevel structure that includes retail profits, cash bonuses and incentive awards. Products are not available in stores. Shaklee’s Customer Satisfaction Centers process over 120,000 incoming orders monthly and stock approximately $6.2 million of products. Every day, the Centers ship approximately 4,000 product orders and 40,000 cases of products. A new $23.5 million pharmaceutical manufacturing facility (one of the largest in the world today) was opened in the USA in 1998.


Fastrac Systems, Inc provides insurance tracking services on such items as flood insurance, house insurance and car insurance for note holders and mortgage companies to ensure that coverage doesn’t lapse until a loan is repaid.

Legal and Professional

ECS is a privately held, multi-million dollar corporation that is well established as a full service Information Technology consulting company. Since its founding, in 1989, ECS has focused on distinguishing itself from its competitors through innovative and value-added service. The ECS corporate headquarters is located in Aventura, Florida. ECS has consultants working throughout the United States and internationally. ECS has spent over 20 years assisting its clients in maximizing the level of productivity of their IT departments. ECS is committed to providing its clients with the most skilled and experienced technology professionals in the industry.

A large international law partnership practicing in all areas of business with offices throughout very many countries world-wide, Linklaters & Alliance has been declared the world’s "top mergers and acquisitions legal advisers" in Thomson Financial Securities’ league table results with a total of 57 deals valued at $70.5 billion, the firm was placed ahead of the field in the “worldwide deals announced” table. The tables, compiled by Thomson Financial Securities Data, Mergermarket and Zephus, rank legal advisers according to the total value of announced and completed deals in Europe and/or the UK throughout 2000. Thomson Financial’s tables show Linklaters & Alliance have worked on 221 completed European transactions with a combined value of $671.5 billion. Global M&A grew 5% in 2000 to $3,495 billion. The firm also topped the 2000 Asian M&A tables compiled by Thomson Financial Securities Data. These ranked legal advisors by number and value on deals involving an Asian Target (excluding Japan). Linklaters acted on 43 announced asian deals with a total value of US$39.0 billion, and 38 completed asian deals with a total value of US$39.4 billion. Linklaters & Alliance is also the only European legal practice ranked in the top six for worldwide deals rankings.

Media, Software and Internet

Demand Media is the leader in distributed social media, powering 3 billion conversations every month. Led by executives with strong backgrounds in social media and technology, Demand Media’s management team has extensive experience at globally recognized companies from MySpace to Yahoo! Through Demand Studios, qualified writers, editors and filmmakers create valuable content and make money. On Demand Media’s media sites, millions of users engage through relevant content and passionate communities. Demand Media’s products make it possible for thousands of businesses to grow by providing social media solutions that consumers really want.

Griffin Technical Enterprises, Inc specializes in providing multilingual web-site development and software localization solutions to other software companies. GTE also has a reputation for providing excellent medical and pharmaceutical technical translations.

Microsoft is both the world’s largest and best known software company with a net revenue of $22.96 billion and a net income of $9.42 billion in 2000 alone, which easily exceeds that of quite a few countries. Most PC users in the world (over 90%) run Microsoft operating systems and utilize Microsoft applications software. The company has over 43,000 employees.

Oracle Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management, and the world’s second largest independent software company. With annual revenues of more than $10.9 billion, the company offers its database, tools and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 145 countries around the world. Like Microsoft, Oracle has over 43,000 employees and perhaps it’s most famous products are it’s relational SQL server databases.

Sonics products solve the challenges of system-on-a-chip (SOC) design, producing SOCs that are smaller, with higher performance and greater functionality, while saving months of development effort. The SOCworks website lets you simulate SOC platforms using real semiconductor intellectual property to evaluate IP over the web.

WebPaper is a stealth startup founded by Bill McCoy, previously the General Manager of digital publishing at Adobe. It aims to introduce better ways of publishing documents to the web and mobile device, delivering the fundamental benefits of portable documents built on open, standard web technologies without being shackled to an architecture based on a linear sequence of fixed pages.

Medical, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical

InterMune, Inc., a publicly traded company, is a commercially driven biopharmaceutical company focused on the marketing, development and applied research of life-saving therapies for pulmonary disease, infectious disease and hepatology.

The Life-Button™ Information System utilizes a dime-sized computer chip and web encrypted database to retrieve patient records by authorized medical personnel. The dual access information system allows data to be viewed on PC’s with a reader or on the Life-Button™ secure web server linked to the doctor’s office, hospital or medical facility. The system can translate medical records into a dozen languages with patient data conveniently worn on a ring, necklace or key chain for easy access, anywhere, anytime, without cost. Basic health and personal records may be stored and updated on the Life-Button™ as well as it’s secure web server. Patient allergies, diseases, immunizations, medications, past medical procedures, emergency contacts and insurance info can be retrieved using the Life-Button™ system. Additional storage capability includes files for EKGs, birth certificate, passport or medical directives. Patients can travel with their records and eliminate the inconvenience of duplicating their health history each time they see a new doctor. Patients have worldwide access to the system for updating information directly, without cost. They access the Life-Button™ server with their security code and PIN. Each Life-Button™ has its own unique tamper-proof number.

Tercica, Inc., was borne out of technology and intellectual property from Genentech for recombinant human Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (rhIGF-1). Founded by noted scientists and clinicians in endocrinology and the field of growth hormone (GH) research, the company began operations in the US in May, 2002 after licencing from Genentech exclusive rights to develop, commercialize and manufacture rhIGF-1. Tercica also licensed Genentech rights to the rhIGF-1/IGFBP-2 binding protein complex, as well as to manufacturing processes, formulations, pre-clinical studies and clinical studies associated with the rhIGF-1 program at Genentech.

Non-Profits and Charities

YES! Magazine is an award-winning publication, available both in print and online, and for the last fifteen years has been published by Positive Futures Network, an independent, 501(3)(c) non-profit. YES! Magazine reaches more than 150,000 readers quarterly, with more than 150,000 people visiting the YES! site each month for daily updates on the latest issues. Additionally, YES! operates an online store where visitors can sign up for subscriptions or renewals, or order back issues, books, posters and other items.

Public Utilities

El Paso Corporation has a combined enterprise value of over $50 billion and is the fourth largest U.S. energy company based on market value, owning five of the country’s leading pipelines. In addition, El Paso is the third largest producer of natural gas in the United States and has developed leading technology in drilling deep natural gas wells. During 2000, El Paso leveraged energy expertise by initiating the development of a significant telecommunications business.

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