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HTML Writers Guild Member Please feel free to ask for additional references if desired.

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Neil is extremely happy to provide contact information, (email and telephone details,) for executives and managers who have utilized his services on behalf of their businesses, and for technical staff that Neil has worked alongside or supervised. A list of contacts including recent employers, clients and peers can be made available upon request.

However, in order to avoid unnecessarily burdening these references too frequently, and to avoid the more aggressive recruiters who use references as a client or technical staff recruiting tool, this contact information will only be made available after a first interview. Please note this is not to say there are any issues with references; you will find Neil comes very highly recommended. This is merely to avoid degrading the goodwill of those who have been kind enough to agree to provide testimonials.

If you absolutely must check some references before a first interview, then please connect with Neil on LinkedIn, so you can read some of the many recommendations placed there by others.

Some testimonials and unsolicited emails from happy clients:

Thank you Neil. A wonderful list of fixes, and a very disciplined software development process. I feel like I'm back working under FDA and DoD standards! Adding Fulfillment, so they can see how customer complaints get turned into fixes by the IT Team. Rod Arakaki, Audience Development Director, YES! Magazine.
This is such a momentous achievement.
It looks beautiful!
Fran Korten, Executive Director, YES! Magazine.
Your web site is so easy to navigate, and I love that you provide such a user-friendly credit card info form. Thank you! Message appended to an order, Online Store, YES! Magazine.
This is one slick store. Bravo, Neil! Rod Arakaki, Audience Development Director, YES! Magazine.
Neil is a very detail oriented manager who is able to manage his team and his own workload without any issues. I enjoyed working with Neil as he was a straight shooter and was able to explain complex scenarios simply. With his wide breadth of expertise, he would be an asset to any development organization. Holly Collier, Project Manager, Demand Media.
During my time working with him, he was very detailed, organized and reliable. He is easy to get along with. He shares his knowledge willingly to benefit the tasks at hand. Chad Klem, Advanced Technology Group, Microsoft Corporation.
Neil is a pleasure to work with and is single minded about getting the job done, even at the expense of using his own time (sometimes way into the night) in order to facilitate a remedy. I reported to Neil rather often and found that he is fair, honest and easy to get along with. I would highly recommend him as he is one of the brightest people I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with. Rachel Kayne, Customer Service Manager, Demand Media.
Neil is one of the best bosses I've ever worked for. He was a technical mentor as well as a strong advocate for the team. His skills in software development, seeing the big picture architecturally, and the ability to successfully negotiate the corporate landscape made him an all-around star manager. I would highly recommend Neil as a manager and a developer in any organization. His commitment and dedication were unrivaled and I have no doubt he would bring the same 100% focus to any company smart enough to hire him. John Conrow, Senior Web Applications Developer, Demand Media.
Thanks for your help and good work managing the Prometrics team. Mike Cowling, Associate Director of Application Development, InterMune, Inc..
Hi, Neil! Just want to thank you again for the [enter properties here] class you taught us!! Property list: Fun, exciting, energizing, delightful, amazing, professional, valuable, wonderful, high quality, extraordinary, joyous… You were so modest about your teaching ability and the class itself, yet I have rarely had such a fine learning experience! Both Cliff and I agreed on the way home that your teaching style and preparation and experience parallels and often exceeds the excellent classes Cliff experienced. Toni Thompson, Web Architect, Sonics Inc..
Great, great work. Thanks so much for the amazing effort and for going the extra mile to finish strong. I really appreciate all your hard work, Neil. Tilden Fang, Project Manager, Achieva.com.
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have been doing over the many months that you have been at Achieva. David Salas, VP of Engineering, Achieva.com.
Neil, We couldn't have launched the Sonics, Inc. web site when we needed to without your professional last-minute troubleshooting help! You are such an amazing resource! Thank you! Toni Thompson, Web Architect, Sonics Inc..
These reporting tools represent a major improvement over our prior capabilities. Kudos to Achieva's Engineering, Quality Assurance and Project Management teams for all their hard work on this project. In particular, Neil Cresswell and Jennifer Hudgins for their extremely long hours and flexibility in getting the project out. Peter Contino, Product Development Manager, Achieva.com.
As always, thanks for your help in tackling difficult problems. Tilden Fang, Project Manager, Achieva.com.
Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you are putting in. Thanks for the amazing effort. Tilden Fang, Project Manager, Achieva.com.
Thanks for all your excellent work. David Salas, VP of Engineering, Achieva.com.
You are THE BEST!!! Thank you! Avril Jenson, Professional Services Manager, Achieva.com.
I wanted to thank you personally and to note the significance of this work. Jon Zeitlin, VP of Marketing, Achieva.com.
I just wanted to let you know what an awesome job you did on this project! Michele Dawson, Marketing Communications Manager, Achieva.com.
Good job Neil, thank you very much for all your hard work. Now you can add 'spamming' engine to your resume! All kind of marketing opportunities will come your way! :-) David Salas, VP of Engineering, Achieva.com.
VERY nice work Neil. Thank you. David Salas, VP of Engineering, Achieva.com.
Well done. Thanks Neil. Dean Samuels, Chief Technology Officer, Achieva.com.
Excellent Job! Cecily Williams, Employee, Achieva.com.
You're the best! Thank you. Mary Anne Petrillo, Director of Marketing, Achieva.com.
Thanks for your tireless efforts to ramp up our capacity as we meet the needs of our current customers and prepare for explosive growth. Al Knechel, VP of Sales, Achieva.com.
Excellent!! Great job! David Salas, VP of Engineering, Achieva.com.
Great Job!!! Jacquelyn Holt, Director of Professional Services, Achieva.com.
These look incredible!!! You make me smile even in my convalescence. It will be efforts like this that get us to where we need to be as a company!! Thank you for being so good at what you do!!! Jeff Livingston, Co-Founder, Achieva.com.
Neil was, as usual, indispensable. Tilden Fang, Project Manager, Achieva.com.
What a fast moving and effective effort! Carlos Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Achieva.com.
I want to acknowledge your hard work and amazing results under such tight deadlines. Lauren Tanny, Chief Operating Officer, Achieva.com.
I'm sure glad you are on board with us Neil. Dean Samuels, Chief Technology Officer, Achieva.com.
Just wanted to say that you are a very fine developer. You have good documentation and a lot of fine and complete thinking. The word engineer certainly applies to you. It shows in your e-mails and PIRs and whatever we need. Lou Venegas, QA Director, Reel.com.

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