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Your Public IP Address
From examining and comparing header information such as HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and REMOTE_ADDR,
the information your workstation or your proxy server is providing indicates that your public IP address is:

ashburn, virginia, united states.

Latitude: 39.0437 — Longitude: -77.4875

Proxy Server Anonimity Test
Header Name Header Value Comments on Interpretation
Remote Address Where data is to be sent. Does not on own indicate a proxy.
HTTP Connection “Closed” indicates proxy. “Keep-alive” indicates browser.
HTTP X Forwarded For Anything indicates a proxy. Often contains user’s real IP address.
HTTP Via Anything here indicates a proxy.
HTTP Forwarded Anything here indicates a proxy.
HTTP User Agent Via Anything here indicates a proxy.
HTTP Proxy Connection Anything here indicates a proxy.

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